Feedback Art Farm
Feedback Art Farm
Produce Grower Inc
Fallbrook, California

About This Farmer

Jaret L. Johnston is the founder and President of the Feedback Art Farm Produce Grower Inc. He is the only person who works for the company. Don't hold it against him that he was born in Texas. Jaret grew up as a music student who had a passion for skateboarding. On a visit to see a family member in San Francisco in 1983, he saw men with long hair in business suits and was intrigued by the casual California work climate. When touring the Southern California beaches to surf during the Summers in high school, and talking to the locals, Jaret wanted to make SoCal his home as soon as possible. 
Jaret began in college studying Geology. After a few years and a few fateful incidents, Jaret changed his major to Art: specifically Studio Painting. Jaret found meditation and vision quests in his free time, and wanted to paint the imagery he saw behind closed eyelids to show others the fascinating world of what he learned later to be called Sacred Geometry. This led to the healing arts, and Jaret learned hands-on healing and intuitive psychotherapy through the chakra system. With the help of many mentors and personal friends in these fields of interest, Jaret was able to hone his interests. This led to a state of awareness, which caused him to desire benefiting those around him. So, as any servant of mankind would do, he obtained a Universalist Ministerial License. Jaret believes the best sermons are delivered with action alone. His enthusiasm for all belief structures and faiths culminated in an idea:  that all systems of religions and beliefs, if they promote good will, are valid. This is the Universalist ethic. Jaret’s chapel is the farm, and his congregation is the veggies.
Jaret believes in contributing the highest good, which begins in one's own surroundings. Having an interest in gardening food began in college. This increased in volume when Jaret learned of the genetically modified organism, and chemical pesticide and herbicide industries shortly thereafter. In a Capitalist society, there is such a rush to market new goods and services to generate capital. Thus, the research and development of new technology has taken a back seat to profit margins. A prime example of this inconsiderate and irresponsible behavior was when the tobacco industry lobbied Congress to lie about the dangers of smoking to the American people. Nicotine has been known to be addictive and a carcinogen for over half a century by the corporations who marketed and did their own subsequent research to its effects. Wikipedia states very clearly, "Nicotine is associated with cardiovascular disease, potential birth defects, and poisoning. [16] In vitro studies have associated it with cancer, but carcinogenicity has not been demonstrated in vivo. [16] There is inadequate research to demonstrate that nicotine is associated with cancer in humans. [17] As medicine, nicotine is used to help with quitting smoking and has good safety in this form. [18] During pregnancy, there are risks to child later in life for type 2 diabetes, obesity, hypertension, neurobehavioral defects, respiratory dysfunction, and infertility. [18] Nicotine is regarded as a potentially lethal poison." How funny that medicinally its only use is to treat the addiction of the same substance. How not funny, that a potentially lethal poison is available to consumers: especially without the above risk factor information being broadcast widely. 
With the tobacco example in mind, Jaret saw the need to reduce risks associated with other poisons like herbicides and pesticides. Also, since most of the corporations who research these chemicals and the effects of genetically modified organisms are their producers: Jaret saw a conflict of interest with the consumer being the guinea pig, especially since the consumers $upport these industries. Jaret read a fascinating article on how one general herbicide and pesticide, called glyphosate, actually kills a specific bacteria found in soils, which seed clouds. What this means is that the use of this pesticide may literally prevent cloud formation. As glyphosate is one of the most popular Agricultural and household poisons, the United States Geological Survey website listed its use in tons as follows, "Overall, agricultural use of glyphosate has increased from less than 11,000 tons in 1992 to more than 88,000 tons in 2007." A ton is 2,000 pounds: so that is 176,000,000 pounds of this one poison sprayed in the United States alone in 2007. Its use has increased since 2007. One might wonder why we're having a drought in California, the largest state for the growth of produce in the country. One might also wonder why cancer is becoming more prevalent despite the advances in the understanding of health and nutrition. Agricultural practices of yesteryear created the great dustbowl without question, which devastated the land and many lives of the early 20th Century. What didn’t we learn from that scenario is playing out with technology in the hands of Capitalists today.
Jaret wanted to add safety and return integrity to farming in the local area he loves. Since Jaret had better results growing vegetables in his closet, simply because he could prevent birds and bugs from gaining access, he realized this was possible on a larger scale. He knew this could benefit more people. Having worked in the Hollywood industry for a decade, and struggling to pay bills with more work than just a full-time occupation, he had enough. His day job had little personal satisfaction, insensitive upper management without compassion, a disastrous commute and primarily served an industry of privilege. Jaret is more interested in serving the common person, so he decided to introduce a larger population to the great taste and health benefits of produce grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. It took 5 months to find suitable land, and three months to learn how to fend off hungry gophers and insects outdoors: but he became extremely successful. Now, Jaret is making these benefits available to the local North County residents and restaurants as a farmer for the Feedback Art Farm Produce Grower Inc.