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Feedback Art Farm
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In my personal experience, the health of my body is optimal when I exercise regularly, get at least 7 hours of sleep nightly and eat well rounded, regular meals.

My health has conversely been affected when I was not getting regular sleep, not exercising and continually eating fast food.
My SHOCK when I learned how conventional food is grown
Reading guidelines for Agricultural Extensions at the more prominent Universities, there are references to State and EPA guidelines for chemical herbicide and pesticide use. This is intended for the safety of the end consumer. I was shocked to discover the facts regarding the chemicals themselves. Some general pesticides or herbicides do not denature or break down for 4 to 6 months even with heavy rains. Rationally, if the vegetable or grain in question being consumed has received two applications of this chemical for its 4 to 5 month lifespan, the bugspray and weed killer may be uptaken in the water by the plant, and can remain active, on the surface of the vegetable or grain when harvested. This means when you buy it, the food most likely has poison in or on it. I began to ask myself if I really wanted to eat poison.
In California, we don't receive the rainfall which is more common in the areas where these chemicals are tested and regulated. So, the rate of chemical bug spray and weed killer decomposition is much slower. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I BEGAN TO GROW MY OWN FOOD. I just don't want to take unnecessary risks.
I grew food on my balcony. I got a sodium lamp to grow indoors when the bugs destroyed my green onions, and the birds made off with most of my cherry tomatoes. I learned which foods need hand pollination indoors and had mixed results. Some of the best, longest lasting bell peppers of my life were closet monsters. I had a sodium lamp in my closet for my yellow bell peppers; tomatoes; basil; green onions; celery and lettuces. 640 square foot apartment in LA excluding the 48 square foot balcony, and I grew where I could. I saved just under $40,000 in food cost in 10 years.
I eat a great deal as an exercise fanatic. I can quantify the quality of the food I eat in how nourished I feel. I learned that it costs more money to have to eat more food which has less nutritional content. There is a level of hunger which is gravely more uncomfortable when the food I have been consuming for any period of time is low in nutritional value. It is nauseating, like I will become ill when I get hungry.
I did become ill when I lived in Los Angeles. The environment is thick with smog; cellular and mobile pollution; anxiety and stress from gridlock, population density, tourists and Papparazzi. I worked in the stratigraphic industry of Hollywood: the place with the bulletproof glass ceiling. By eating well and getting more sleep, I was able to overcome my dilemma, but not without thousands of dollar$ spent working with a Nutritionist. I now see how eating healthy, well rounded meals more regularly, I spend less money in the long run by not having to see a Nutritionist; visiting the Doctor less during cold and flu season; feel better and have more energy; notice how much easier it is to get out of bed in the morning; have absolutely no sinus or arthritis probles (both conditions run in both sides of my families, and when I eat the fast food diet, I suffer).
I learned how to determine which foods affected my physical genepool with an elimination diet. Look that up if you are unfamiliar: best thing I did for my education regarding diet. This led me to the Vegetable Queendom and Kingdoms. 
Keep track of my learning curve and compare your own knowledge base with my educational process, and we both may learn a thing or two if you want to give some feedback art my way. Follow my blog here:

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